5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche

Lighting and Sound Designer

University of Kentucky Studio Season
Fall 2019
Director: Jace Connor White
Costume Designer: Tracy Barber 
Set Designers: Aaliyah Buchanan and Christopher Bernardi 
Five Lesbians Eating a Quiche Show Poster

What does a person sound like when they explode from nuclear radiation? Through extensive research involving the Chernobyl disaster and effects of radiation on the human body, an ethical dilemma was rasied. Respecting the deceased while still providing an element of realism for the production became a balancing act resulting in cue below.

Dale Explodes from Nuclear RadiationAllison Ray
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One challange of the play being set in a bunker, is how do you convey that atomic bombs are exploding in the outside world. Pulling from a sourced sound of a bomb impact on a bomb shelter, I created explosions that emphasized the muted reverb of the bombs impacting the shelter. The resulting cue accentued the dramatized comedy of the script.

Bombs Exploding on a BunkerAllison Ray
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